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I really think everyone should get this done. Everyone.
My interaction with Esha has been both a rejuvenating and a humbling experience not to speak of the direct benefits that accrued to me and my organization (SAP). My participation in the theatre workshop was an incredible experience which enabled a heightened appreciation and respect for those among us who are differently abled and challenged. It also brought about an acute awareness of how much we take our senses for granted and made me really want to use these God given gifts to much better effect.

The Braille cards took the act of introducing myself to others to a whole new level altogether. My Braille enabled visiting card instantly and subtly conveyed and reinforced core values like sensitivity and concern for others which both I and my organization stand for, not to speak of it being a very effective ice breaker !
Sanjiv Menezes
Center Head, Gurgaon
SAP Global Delivery
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